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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Visits to Buckingham Palace in London

For many tourists have the opportunity to know a place as famous as is the case with impressive Buckingham Palace is a dream , but now in the summer months is a dream that can become reality because just in the month of August begins the time of year that allows local and foreign visitors know part of the palace.

It is without doubt one of the great attractions within the city of London and is a palace opens its doors to over the months of August and September, two months that many tourists often come to London in order to meet this palace. It offers the chance to meet some state rooms , a nice opportunity to enjoy all details inside the palace .

The best thing for tourists is to see the famous changing of the guard as it takes place almost every day depending on the time of year and the exact time is 11:30 am.

Now summer is one of the many proposals that tourists usually have this and so they hurry to make the appropriate reservations and enjoy the palace, which is one of the many visits recommended not pass unnoticed by tourists as it Buckingham Palace is one of the most often palaces like tourists who travel for London and for the rest of the country.